Aviation Services

Qutash LLC, how business travelers get home for dinner!

Aircraft Management

Qutash LLC can provide comprehensive aircraft management services including:
1. Aviation Consulting
    a. Need Identification
    b. Cost Identification
    c. Best Solution Options

2. Aircraft Procurement
    a. Purchase
    b. Lease
    c. Use Agreements

3. Flight Department Services
    a. Ready to fly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
    b. Detailed Financial Tracking
    c. Contract Fuel Management
    d. Regulatory Issue Leadership

4. Aircraft Management
    a. Scheduling
    b. Maintenance Planning and Coordination
    c. Aircraft Detailing
    d. Insurance Coordination

5. Trip Arrangements
    a. Rental Cars/Ground Transportation
    b. Hotel Rooms    
    c. Catering

Other Aviation Services

  1. Ferry Flights
  2. Power and Pipe line inspection
  3. Fire Patrol
  4. Flight Instruction
    1. Biannual Flight Reviews
    2. Initial, Commercial, Multi and Instrument